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Swift & Staley has expanded its initial core competencies which included Facility Support Services, Security, Information Technology and Records Management; to Project Management, Engineering, and Nuclear Material Control and Accountability oversight.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management

• Waste Management
• Pollution Prevention
• Recycling

SSI brings a proven, successful approach to environmental management, waste management, and pollution prevention (EM/WM/PP). We employ a strong Environmental Management System (EMS) culture structured for our work through 13 plus years of experience at the Paducah Site, the effectiveness of which is demonstrated by ZERO ORPS reportable events, Kentucky Notice of Violations, PAAA violations, or reportable spills. Through continuous worker involvement and accountability, we developed a management culture that is truly an integrated but visible part of how SSI does business.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Surveillance + Maintenance
SSI brings proven graded approaches for surveillance and maintenance of assigned building, trailers, and other structures and facilities. As demonstrated by our successful current contracts, our approach easily scales up for adding facilities, or down when facilities are removed. SSI uses three levels of Work Packages and procedures to control activities based on level and type of hazards and work complexity. These are reviewed and revised annually or as site conditions change, to incorporate new lessons learned and ensure the accuracy of Activity Hazard Analyses and supporting documents and procedures. Minor changes are “redlined”, reviewed, and approved as needed. Per SSI’s policy, if the work plan procedures cannot be followed, the work stops until the situation is corrected.

Janitorial Services
SSI janitorial services are performed on a graded approach and as necessary to include trash collection, mopping floors, stripping and waxing floors, vacuuming, dusting, window cleaning, and collection of recycled paper.

Grounds Maintenance
SSI provides grounds maintenance, including mowing, weed eating, and spraying herbicide. This also includes repairs and replacement to culverts, signs, fences, gates, paved areas, and sidewalks. During inclement weather, SSI will remove snow and ice from paved roads, sidewalks, entrances, steps and ramps. This includes pretreatment of roads with brine.

Roadway + Parking Lot Maintenance
All work is performed per our ISMS/EMS-based work control and execution process graded for the complexity and risks of the work we perform, and work is performed per approved Work Packages. We assess customer satisfaction with Customer Grade Cards. As on our current infrastructure contracts, SSI will use Environmentally Preferred Products (EPP) whenever possible.

Site Security

• Information Security
• Physical Security
• Classification Security
• Cyber Security

SSI recognizes the importance protecting a customer’s site, classified materials, and personnel, and SSI brings extensive experience providing these services at PGDP. SSI assures effective coordination with customers in developing and implementing uniform safeguards and security programs.

Other Management

Real + Personal Property Management
Our Real and Personal Property Management system includes “cradle to grave” identification and reporting for high risk material and the Accountable Property List. SSI administers the personal property management program using Maximo® to document all personal property actions related to acquisition, use, and disposition of personal property assets.

Records Management + Document Control
The current SSI Records Management program is a proven, high-performing operation that has achieved significant milestones in managing DOE records at PGDP. Over the past three years SSI has converted the Paducah records management process to a 100% electronic process while dispositioning over 6,000 cubic feet of legacy paper records. Our approach to managing this activity is to use our experienced, National Archives and Records Administration trained personnel to perform records management and document control functions in order to achieve efficiencies and ensure standardization and repeatability of actions.

Fleet Management
SSI is equipped to manage all aspects of a vehicle and equipment fleet program. SSI currently manages the fleet program for DOE and its contractors at the Paducah Site. SSI requisitions, manages, maintains, and dispositions the vehicle fleet; assesses vehicles for safety and condition; administers the fuel management and reporting system; and supervises service notifications. We are replacing government-owned vehicles at the end of their useful life as quickly as GSA can provide leased replacements.

Computing + Telecommunications
SSI provides telecommunications services that include access, technical support, operations and management, hardware maintenance and provisioning, and other telecommunications services, including supporting the systems associated with telephones, radio communications, and data networks. SSI also provides a robust cyber security for both unclassified and classified computing systems.