Category Rating
Quality Very Good
Schedule Exceptional
Management Exceptional
Site Coordination Very Good
Security Exceptional

Quality – Very Good

  • Expeditiously responded to customer requests
  • Proactively interfaced with other prime contractors
  • Coordinated schedules and work activities to maximize efficiencies and effectively utilize the workforce
  • SSI significantly upgraded the training program
  • Received the Kentucky Labor Cabinet Governor’s Safety and Health Award (received 6 times in 7 yrs.)
  • SSI reached a milestone of 1,000,000 hours without an injury resulting in days away from work
  • Overall SSI not only met all contract requirements in the area of quality, but exceeded many of the requirements, which provided great benefit to the Government

Schedule – Exceptional

  • SSI completed Public Address Pole #4 upgrades 21 days ahead of schedule
  • SSI completed the DOE Office Building pre-construction activities, which included demolition of an old post, 37 days ahead of schedule
  • SSI supported the move of the D&R contractor personnel from Kevil to plant locations 34 days ahead of schedule
  • SSI submitted all contract Deliverables and all submittals/milestones associated with contract change orders on time or ahead of schedule
  • SSI exceeded the date to complete the annual 1,200 cubic feet of historical records processing by two months
  • SSl’s schedule performance continually exceeded contract requirements to the benefit of the Government.

Management – Exceptional

  • SSI manages relationship with the Government and other site contractors effectively
  • SSI personnel are professional and communicate well with customers across the site
  • SSI routinely meets with DOE to identify and recommend implementation ideas that serve to improve services that benefit the Government and other site contractors
  • SSI proactively worked with the D&R Contractor to migrate 439 Blackberry mobile phones to Samsung Android capable phones. This transition yielded over $150,000 in cost savings to the government
  • SSI has taken management initiatives to improve fixed price services at their own cost to provide DOE with a high level of services
  • SSI’s Management performance was exceptional and met or exceeded contractual requirements to the Government’s benefit

Site Coordination – Very Good

  • SSI effectively anticipated the needs of DOE and sought holistic approaches benefiting contractors and the Government across the site
  • Supported the D&R Contractor in moving the alternate Emergency Operations Center
  • Lights in the vaults were grounded after identifying an issue with the housing. This correction was not required by code but provided a safer environment. SSI shared lessons learned and the resulting extent of condition review identifying similar problems in other locations
  • SSI Records Management provided lessons learned and other support to the D&R Contractor, meeting frequently with their team
  • The SSI heavy equipment mechanic completed training on emergency equipment/pumps and received Emergency Vehicle Technician certification to allow continued support to the D&R Contractor emergency and firefighting equipment.

Security – Exceptional

  • The Safeguards and Security Department has provided exceptional technical performance this year
  • The Controlled Articles program was overhauled and eliminated approximately 90% of the Controlled Article Permits that have historically been required
  • SSI developed a Design Basis Threat (DBT) Implementation Plan. Paducah is on schedule to be the first site in the Enterprise to deliver the DBT product to HQ officials, at which time the site will be considered the first DBT compliant Site in the DOE Enterprise
  • The Security Lock and Key Program was evaluated resulting in the elimination of excess Level II locks, along with the removal of multiple Level I locks that were placed in various areas around the site
  • Changed the Site escort Ratio from 1:5 to 1:10, resulting in overall throughput improvements, and decreased escort costs to all site contractors