Swift & Staley is committed to providing the best quality work and services for a client, showing a dedication to employees and always building a better business. With that in mind, Swift & Staley revolves around five core values that define our daily mission:

safe work practices

Safe Work Practices

The safety of our employees is crucial, and it dedicates us to providing safe work conditions in our everyday operations.

customer focus

Customer Focus

Every project we face keeps the customer in mind and we promise to work proactively to provide the highest quality work in the shortest amount of time.

professional leadership

Professional Leadership

Proper leadership drives hard work, dedication and strong communication. Swift & Staley leaders are devoted to keeping employees safe, keeping customers satisfied and being an equal part of the team.



We believe working as a team is the only option to complete projects in a timely fashion with cost-saving practices. As a team, we work towards a common goal in a positive atmosphere that encourages collaboration and insight.