Swift & Staley offers Facility Support Services that specialize in government design – build – maintain construction services with cost and time saving practices in mind. We specialize in

  • Fleet Management
  • Computing, Telecommunications & Cyber Security
  • Surveillance & Maintenance
  • Real & Personal Property Management
  • Janitorial Services
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Roadway/Parking Lot Maintenance
  • Environmental Management

Recent Projects

C-104 Building: [pictures provided in email] SSI has designed and constructed a new 2,900 square foot, one-story building in Paducah, Kentucky. This includes widening the access road from 3-lane to 4-lane and a drive-thru canopy with security access control gates. An automated access control system with badge readers is being installed to control access to the plant. Parking will be provided on the south side of the building for public use along with parking on the north side of the building for employee use. Upon completion, the building will be housed by SSI badging personnel and security police officers.


C-208 Firing Range: Swift & Staley is responsible for the planning, managing, integrating, and executing of the construction for the exterior building, utilities, entrance and site work for installation of the Firing Range.

C-101 Tile Work

C-103 HVAC Replacement

C-103 Roof Replacement

C-100 HVAC Unit Replacement