Swift & Staley recognizes the importance protecting a customer’s site, classified materials, and personnel. SSI assures effective coordination with customers in developing and implementing uniform safeguards and security programs. We specialize in

  • Information Security & Security Awareness
  • Physical Security
  • Classification
  • Personnel Security & Visitor Control

Recent Projects

  • Highlight CFSB project for Automated Access Control Services
  • C-101 AACS Cable Installation
  • C-104 Building: (pictures provided in email):SSI has designed and constructed a new 2,900 square foot, one-story building in Paducah, Kentucky. This includes widening the access road from 3-lane to 4-lane and a drive-thru canopy with security access control gates. An automated access control system with badge readers is being installed to control access to the plant. Swift & Staley is responsible for the procurement, construction, and installation of enhancements to establish new boundaries with vehicular automated access controls for the site.